SPBAS Kayako LoginShare Plugin

There is no working LoginShare plugin for SPBAS and Kayako right now, so we’ve developed our own based on the official LoginShare plugin for PHP Audit. This plugin allows a client to use a single login between your SPBAS and Kayako Helpdesk installations.

The plugin supports email or username authentication, and will automatically update the user if the email used in SPBAS already exists on your Kayako installation.

  1. Download the following file: SPBAS LoginShare
  2. Unzip Archive, Upload spbas.login.php to /includes/LoginShare/ on your Kayako Helpdesk installation.
  3. Open /includes/LoginShare/loginshare.config.php and add the following lines:
    define("LOGINAPI_SPBAS", 500);
    $_LOGINAPI[LOGINAPI_SPBAS] = array("title" => $_SWIFT["language"]["loginapi_spbas"], "include" => "spbas.login.php");
    File loginshare.config.php

    If your loginshare.config.php is encrypted, you can download a copy here.

  4. Login into your Kayako Helpdesk admin, head over to Templates -> LoginShare -> SPBAS Business Automation Software
  5. Fill in your database credentials for SPBAS.
  6. Done, your clients should be able to login to your helpdesk with their SPBAS credentials.

If you need any help with your installation, contact us and we’ll be glad to help you out.

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