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Installing ClamAVConnector with cPanel

Apparently new stock installations of cPanel and ClamAVConnector from “Manage Plugins” fail with the default preferences. How can you tell if you have a failed installation? By checking if freshclam exists on the server: root@test [~]# freshclam -bash: freshclam: command … Continue reading

Quick Fix for SpamHaus Not Blocking Spam

We had an issue where a server would not be rejecting mail from IP’s listed at, and found this pretty interesting: Check what DNS resolvers you are using: If you are using a free “open DNS resolver” service such … Continue reading

Creating Temporary Disk with TMPFS (RAM-Disk)

A RAM disk or RAM drive is a block of RAM (primary storage or volatile memory) that a computer’s software is treating as if the memory were a disk drive (secondary storage). It is sometimes referred to as a “virtual … Continue reading