COVID-19 and Your IT Service Continuity Plan

Amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, all enterprises — whether large or small — are putting their IT Service Continuity Plan to the test. With many major cities throughout the U.S., and


COVID-19 Update

To our valued customers: We would like to provide you an update on the precautions ServaxNet has implemented as part of our Business Continuity Plan during the ongoing pandemic. Here

Server Management
Industry Insights

What is Server Management and Why Do I Need It?

Regardless of the size of your enterprise, the health of your IT infrastructure, including both hardware and software components, is vital to maintaining a competitive edge in a hyper-competitive global

Tips & Tricks

Creating Temporary Disk with TMPFS (RAM-Disk)

A RAM disk or RAM drive is a block of RAM (primary storage or volatile memory) that a computer’s software is treating as if the memory were a disk drive