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Customer Testimonials

We highly value what our clients have to say about us, and constantly strive to increase customer satisfaction with our services. Our desire for 100% customer satisfaction sets us apart from the rest of the industry. We believe that customer satisfaction is paramount to our success as a company and we will go above and beyond with our services to make sure that You're Safe™.

Don't believe us? Just read the testimonials we've received below.

What We Do For Our Customers
Josh H.
Porters Sports

"Dennis is the man. He has helped with both of my sites and like I wrote directly to him, its like I just gained an amazing employee. I feel better knowing I have such a professional on my side.

Service and support mixed with response time was A+ in my book."

Jeff S.
Chico Web Design

"Our firm operates a variety of hosting solutions for a wide range of clients. Dennis at ServaxNet manages everything for us, from as simple as a dedicated server to a robust multi-tiered network architecture at our co-location facility.

When it comes to reliability, dependability, and professionalism, you can trust Dennis and his team to manage your servers and your business."

Jeff C.

"We've been using ServaxNet's managed services since late 2006. Before using ServaxNet we've already tried numerous management companies out there, including ones that are quite known around the globe. However, none of them really satisfied us, until we used ServaxNet. Dennis had always been extremely fast in responding to emergency issues, whether its in the middle of his vacation or 4 in the morning, we never had to worry about any issues that would happen any time.

When it comes to issue resolving, we always receive the best possible solution to our questions within minimal time. There is no doubt in his professionalism.

Last, which means the most to us and sets apart ServaxNet from other management companies, Dennis actually *cares* about our business, this is what that makes us really, really impressed for this service.

We knew we made the right decision 4 years ago and will continue using them in the future for all our business needs."

Abbey M.
Ghana Music

"My name is Nii Abbey Mensah, owner and founder of Ghana - one of the biggest music sites in Africa.

I was introduced to Dennis and ServaxNet over a year ago. Since then, I have been blown away at ServaxNet's consistent propensity to go "above and beyond" their line of duty. I would strongly recommend that any server owner who wants the job done quickly, efficiently and correctly the first time, every time, hire ServaxNet.

Frankly, I feel ServaxNet are worth far more than they charge. I wouldn't leave them, even at triple the price.

Thank you ServaxNet, for taking a previous nightmare and turning it into a walk in the park. You guys rock."

Sean B.
Syosoft LLC

"ServaxNet never fails to impress and stays until the job is done - extremely knowledgable, very quick to remedy a situation, thinks outside of the box and is a pleasure to work with.

I'd recommend ServaxNet server management without hesitation to any company of any size."

David B.
Greenroom Creations, Inc.

"We've been using ServaxNet for over 7 years as our main server admin/tech and couldn't think of anyone else we'd rather be using. Dennis is top notch and very professional in everything he does. He's seen us through everything from single dedicated servers to complicated multi-server configurations. Each time he's either known how to do it right off the bat or was able to figure it out within short order.

If you're looking for someone trustworthy, knowledgeable, and an all around good guy don't look any further than ServaxNet; you won't be disappointed."

Artyom K.
AYKsolutions, LLC

"We have been using Dennis' and ServaxNet's services for years now and the level of service has only gotten better. For anything linux, they are our first go-to guys since we know they will get everything fixed quickly, knowledgeably and professionally.

I highly recommend ServaxNet for any and all administrative things."

Amaresh R.
Founder / Owner

"I have been looking for a competent system administrator to take care of some advanced issues I was facing and I was thinking of hiring Steven (Rack911) - however he never really replied back so I went with Dennis from ServaxNet.

In hindsight, what a great decision that turned out to be. Dennis was both prompt and courteous and took care of all my issues in no time.

His communication is fantastic and he makes you feel special. Even though he was slightly out of my budget range, I didn't mind spending the extra $$$ to avail the services of such a highly skilled system administrator. I would highly recommend Dennis and ServaxNet to anyone who's looking for a top notch, competent system administrator who gets the job done without any fluff or B.S.

Keep up the good work."

Alex D.
Founder / Owner

"ServaxNet is definitely, without a doubt, the best thing you can ever do to your site/server. Dennis has always exceeds my expectations. Ever since I've hired him, hes been the one managing my server.

I've saved money and avoided unnecessary downtimes by staying on his management services. Definitely worth every penny. So do yourself a favor, stop worrying and have a good night sleep. Have your servers managed by ServaxNet!"


"I recently had put up a request for assistance with some security stuff for my server and got some good replies, some bad replies, some replies that made me raise an eyebrow and some replies that were clearly too good to be true. In the past, I've been a big flag waver for Rack 911 and I still am, unfortunately Steve was just too busy and backlogged at the time to help out. In the end, I decided to go with Dennis of ServaxNet Solutions ( ) and it was a decision I don't regret.

Dennis and I spoke at length about expectations, he wanted to understand why I wanted certain versions of software instead of backported versions but really took the time to understand the scope of the job in its entirety. After we discussed timelines, cost estimates and so on, I gave Dennis the pertinent info and off he went.

At each major milestone, he emailed me with the results and let me know his next steps. I was very impressed at the speed he got eAccelerator, Zend and Suhosin all going w/o any hiccups. The only gotcha was the kernel update but that was resolved quickly and to my satisfaction. He even called SoftLayer on my behalf to get some hardware related issues sorted out with the IPMI and KVMoIP solutions.

All in all, Dennis was very professional and exceeded my expectations. The total package was completed over two nights and the total cost was $185 which included his full security package ($85), kernel work ($50) and a few specific things I required that fell outside of the scope of his standard package ($50).

I would definitely recommend Dennis and ServaxNet and will definitely use his services again in the future for quarterly security updates/hardening/reassessment."

Andy L.
Internet Technologies Consultant
iFoundries (Asia Pacific) Pte Ltd

"Thanks for the help in migration of my old server accounts to my new server. Throughout the migration process you have shown and proven to me your technical expertise, speed, and professionalism in ensuring that the migration is done as smooth as possible.

You went the extra mile to customer satisfaction and the advice you gave me is something that I'm grateful to you for. You have shown a strong dedication into your area of work.

You have also shown a lot of responsibilities and dedication in ensuring that the job was done to my satisfaction and expectations. You allowed me to fully let you finish the task without worries and allowing me to sleep peacefully at night while you are doing the job.

Thanks once again for your assistance rendered."

Kyle N.
Founder / Owner
inVioHosting Solutions

"Dennis, you are truly the best. You have improved and secured my server so much in the past and present. With a very fast response and fix time you out beat your competitors. Ever since we have hired you, we have had absolutely no problems or downtime with the server. Also our server has been faster then ever!

You are very professional and I would just like to thank you for you great services."

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