You might be designing your infrastructure or need to protect your business should disaster strike. We offer consulting, specific server maintenance, server migrations, and just about anything else you need server-related at an hourly rate.

We understand that each business is unique and therefore has their own special set of requirements. With our extensive expertise and experience in this industry, we are able to help your company plan expansion strategies anywhere from multi-server load balanced clusters to simple cPanel deployments.

Contact us and we’ll work together with you to discuss specific needs and requirements to custom tailor a solution that’s just right for your business.

One-Time Services Inquire

Experiencing an outage and need immediate assistance or need a one time service performed? Our team is available 24/7/365 to offer one-time services for any emergencies that require immediate assistance.
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Infrastructure Design Inquire

Outages cost money, time, and frustration. Do things right the first time. Our team of experts can design an infrastructure that meets your requirements for uptime and redundancy – whether it be proper monitoring, hardware redundancy or multiple geographically redundant datacenters.

  • Focus on Communication
  • Proven Experience

Flexible Service Made to Perform

Our solutions are custom tailored for your business’s needs and requirements. We understand no client is the same, and as such you are not limited to a specific services. Our team of experts work with you and your team to ensure your business has everything it needs to succeed, maximizing uptime and performance.

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Server Management

Monitoring and escalation services for real-time monitoring and response based on your requirements and proactive server management for a fully managed solution.

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ServaxNet Cloud

Flexible managed cloud services provide the ultimate flexibility to increase and decrease your resources on-demand based on your requirements.

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ServaxNet Dedicated

Dedicated managed resources for your environment at your disposal for the most demanding performance, security and uptime requirements.

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