Data Center Facilities

Designed for Maximum Security and Uptime

At ServaxNet, we’re known for our 24/7/365 dedication. We’re committed to your success. As such, our data center engineers continuously monitor systemic health. Multiple layers of redundancy at every level allow us to consistently deliver the results you’re looking for. These redundancies increase data center resiliency, resulting in higher uptime and greater reliability.

Physical Security

Our facilities feature 24/7/365 security, biometric scanners, multiple security zones, and on-site technical staff.

Power and Cooling

Redundant power and cooling systems within our facilities ensure peak performance and uptime at all times.


Designed with redundancy and performance in mind; our network routes your traffic in the best way possible.

US-West (SLC01)

  • Salt Lake City, UT
  • 43,000+ Sqft
  • 2N UPS Redundancy
  • N+1 Cooling Redundancy
  • 3.25 MW Power Capacity

US-Central (DFW02)

  • Dallas, TX
  • 107,000+ Sqft
  • N+1 UPS Redundancy
  • N+1 Cooling Redundancy
  • 7 MW Power Capacity

US-East (PIT01)

  • New Castle, PA
  • 40,000+ Sqft
  • N+1 UPS Redundancy
  • N+1 Cooling Redundancy
  • 2.5 MW Power Capacity

High Performance Customized Solutions

Every client is unique. That’s why we work closely with you to determine which solutions will provide maximum uptime and continuous high performance. As your business scales, we will provide ongoing consultation to ensure your business has the IT infrastructure it needs to succeed. 

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Server Management

Proactive monitoring and escalation services for real-time, 24/7/365 monitoring and response activities that are based on your on-of-a-kind business requirements.

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ServaxNet Cloud

Highly scalable managed cloud services that offer you the ultimate flexibility for increasing or decreasing your on-demand resources.

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ServaxNet Dedicated

Customized single-tenant dedicated managed resources at your disposal for the most demanding performance, security, and uptime conditions.

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