About Us

With server management as the foundation of our company, we make sure that each client is 100% satisfied because we recognize the importance of the uptime of your company. We are customizable to your company needs in order to guarantee that the selected services are the best-fit for your company. Being customizable to the clients’ needs and adjusting to anything our clients want is what brought us to our rapid growth.

We offer proactive server management, dedicated servers, cloud hosting services, clustered hosting configurations, consultation, and emergency assistance, as required by our customer’s needs. One of our main procedures is to work with you directly to ensure that everything is planned out so that you get exactly what you want.

Serving our customers since December of 2005, our customer-centric team of professionals is here to ensure your success. We believe that communication is key to an effective business operation and customer satisfaction is paramount to our success as a company. We will go above and beyond with our services to make sure that we enable your company growth. We will make sure that we meet the needs that you request in order to better your company.

Management services that include single servers, to multi-tiered server hosting solutions for some of the nations biggest web retailers. There is no job too large for our highly experienced, 24/7/365, and consumer centric team ready to assist you with anything that you might need for your company. You can be rest assured we know exactly what we’re doing.

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Why Us

  • With server management as our core focus, you will get the absolute best uptime and support for the betterment of your company.

  • We recognize the importance of safe and secure systems so that’s why we will work directly with you in order to ensure that your needs have been completely satisfied.

  • Count on our 24/7/365 team to bring you the best service possible whenever you need it, whether it is long-term or in emergency situations.

  • We can offer anywhere from proactive server management, dedicated services, clustered hosting configurations, and consultations.

  • There are no limitations to your requests due to the flexibility that we allow when you select our services. Any request will be accomplished in the best and most efficient way possible in order to bring exactly what you want for your company.

  • From the beginning we work with you for the advancement of your company’s goals.

Flexible Service Made to Perform

Our solutions are custom tailored for your business’s needs and requirements. We understand no client is the same, and as such you are not limited to a specific services. Our team of experts work with you and your team to ensure your business has everything it needs to succeed, maximizing uptime and performance.

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Server Management

Monitoring and escalation services for real-time monitoring and response based on your requirements and proactive server management for a fully managed solution.

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ServaxNet Cloud

Flexible managed cloud services provide the ultimate flexibility to increase and decrease your resources on-demand based on your requirements.

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ServaxNet Dedicated

Dedicated managed resources for your environment at your disposal for the most demanding performance, security and uptime requirements.

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