ServaxNet LLC is a managed services company specializing in custom-tailored solutions to fulfill our customer’s needs 24/7.

What We Do For Our Customers

We are a company dedicated to keeping their customers happy by providing the right services to keep their servers SAFE and SECURE.

We offer PROACTIVE server management, dedicated servers, cloud hosting services, clustered hosting configurations, consultation, and emergency assistance, as required by our customer’s needs.

Serving our customers since December of 2005, our customer-centric team of professionals is here to ensure your success.

We always keep our clients informed of exactly what is being done with their servers and we keep them in the loop throughout managed services life cycle.

Active collaboration with our customers to define their needs, coupled with our process of ongoing improvement to ensure timely updates and prevention of new threats against their systems, is paramount to our strategy for joint success.

We take pride in our services, and constantly strive to increase customer satisfaction.

Server Management

Our expert team of engineers monitor and protect your servers so you can focus on what is important to you.

ServaxNet Cloud

Flexible cloud services for your on-demand workloads, allowing rapid scalability and expandability.

ServaxNet Dedicated

With our Dedicated Hosting you will get the ultimate performance and security for your thriving company.

ServaxNet Hybrid

A mix of dedicated and cloud, providing the ultimate performance and flexibility for your business.

See what ServaxNet can do for you